Cable grips

Cable Grip are a great way to restrain high pressure hoses. Whip Stops have a unique design that prevents the very real and unpredictable whipping of a high pressure hose during a failure. Whip Stops are made of woven steel that grip and tighten over a large area of the hose as it suppresses and confines the hose that has ruptured. The length and the number of anchor points can be made to order. For industries that require a tagged system, test certifications and traceability are available. We recommend Whip Stops for any high pressure application, whether it be air, hydraulic, water, frac fluids, slurry, oil, etc.

Cable socks (also called cable grips ,cable stockings,pulling grips, cable pulling grip sock) provide a means of cable pulling into ducts, trenches . Cable socks are manufactured from high tensile galvanised and stainless steel wire rope,incudes single eye cable socks, double eye cable socks, lace up cable socks, non-conductive cable socks and open ended cable socks,Single-head, single strand cable pulling socks.

Specification: cable pulling grip; mesh sock grip ; cable sock grip; cable stocking; pulling grips

Application: It is used for cable hauling in power line construction.