Steel Wire Rope With Type d shackle

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Diameter Of Wire Ropes
The diameter of a wire rope is the diameter of circle which encloses all of the wores . When measuring wire rope it is important to take the greatest distance of the outer limits of the Crown;s of two opposite strands . A measurement across the valleys will result in incorrect lower readings .

Method Of Measuring Diameter
Cailper , fitted with jaws broad enough to cover not less than two adjacent strands

Safety Factor Of Wire Rope
It is difficult to fix the safety factor for each type of wire rope to be used for various equipment , as this factor depends not only on the load carried , but also on the speed of rope working,the kinds of fitting used for rope ends ,the acceleration and deacceleration , length of rope , the number,size and arrangements of sheave drums etc .The following safety factors are minimum requirements for safety and economy in the common installation.

The product type
1. Control line: bicycle, scooter, moped, car, motorcycle, electric car, baby carriage and other brake line, transmission line;
Sports equipment cable, elastic rope, white appliances, cleaning equipment, baby carriage and other control lines, as well as lighting suspension line and other wire rope products;
2. Plastic rope: sports rope skipping, professional rope skipping, tennis net, volleyball net; Plastic coated wire rope; Rock climbing protection rope rope, Car cable, step machine, treadmill and other strength type cable.
3. Rubber spring rope: aerial work tool rope, outdoor sports rope, heavy traction rope, leisure traction rope; Pet leash, above/below water
Rope movement; Diving rope loss prevention; Diving tool rope; Fishing gear against losing line, fishing rod against off line; Rock climbing/climbing rope, rock climbing/climbing tool rope, public
Pull rope, as well as locks, gourd hooks, fasteners and other tools rope peripheral hardware products

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