Safety Steel Locking Cable Double Loop Braided Steel Cable

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Stainless Steel Safety Cable, Double Loop Braided Steel Cable Flexible Lock Cable Lock 3/8 inch U-Lock, Padlock, Transparent Wire Rope with Ring, Electric Door, Bicycle, Glass Door Lock, Door Handle
Steel wire rope, heavy-duty wire rope, steel braid, 3.94 feet.
The cable lock provides anti-theft protection.
Cables are best used to secure large or large items such as bicycles, grilles, lawn mowers, ladders, and doors.
The cable is made of braided steel to increase strength and flexibility, and has a protective vinyl coating to prevent scratches.
It is recommended to be used in conjunction with Wanlian Lock padlock, solid steel lock, and mini U-shaped lock, sold separately
3.94 feet 1.2 meters long, 0.31 inches 8 mm, outer diameter.
0.31 inch 8 mm diameter braided steel for maximum strength and flexibility. Vinyl protective coating prevents scratches.
The cable is automatically wound for easy storage.
It is recommended to be used with combination locks, solid steel locks, and mini U-shaped door locks.
Quality braided steel structure provides strength and flexibility, as well as excellent cutting resistance
The vinyl shell prevents rust and scratches,
The ring end is fixed with a steel ring,
Cable size: length 1.2m (47.244 inches): diameter 8mm (3/8)
Weight: 3.93 feet length: 0.90 pounds 408KG
Weight 7.8 ounces 220G
Packing size 6.54 x 4.8 x 2.05 inches
1200mm * 8mm size
Color silver
stainless steel material
Shape u-shaped
Safety Steel Cable, Locking Cable, Double-Loop Braided Steel Flexible Lock Cable, toroidal Bicycle Security Cable, Vinyl-Coated Braided Steel, 200 cm Long”for U-Locks, Padlocks and disc Locks, Silve
2.5 ft Security Cable Luggage Lock Safety Cable Wire with Double Looped Ends, 5mm Iron Galvanized PVC Coated Braided Security Cable Max. Load 220 lb (4 Pack)

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